Mr T

Our water comes from a borehole.  Our old pump packed up and Bellpumps installed a new submersible pump and water treatment system for us.  Excellent service!

Mrs RS

We needed to connect a new outbuilding to the mains, and instead of using a septic tank Bellpumps recommended a packaged pumping station, which has been great.  A huge time saver and reduced the cost of tank emptying.

Mrs J

Thanks for your fast and efficient service.  Bellpumps got our irrigation system up and working again with no fuss, they even arranged the digger to replace the old pipework.

John S

We are a commercial builder, and we always use Bellpumps to spec pumps for our new builds.  Always excellent service we can rely on.

Jenny R

We were worried about the quality of the water we were drinking from our borehole.  Bellpumps regular test it for us, and maintain the filters.  It's one less thing to worry about - and no more bottled water to buy so less plastic is cleaner for the envinronment.


Ive used Bellpumps for the past 30 years for all my farm pumps.  They always deliver on time, and to a high standard.